Monday, April 1, 2013

Go for Great

Another week of recovery is in the history book, folks! I have been getting around much better and everyone seems to be very impressed that I am recovering so well from having both legs operated on a little over 3 weeks ago. Keep in mind that I only had to have the anterior compartments released. This was the only area that I was having trouble with so the doctor went back to the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Many blogs that I read before having the fasciotomy that scared me to death were by people who had all compartments released. No wonder I was terrified!

There is a possibility that since I have the “Exertional Compartment Syndrome” that the other compartments could start to flare at any time, but I will just continue to pray that those compartments will mind their own business… :) The steri-strips are starting to come off one by one and the incisions do not look near as bad as I thought they did, Praise the Lord! The only major problem that I have had this week while recovering was that I wanted to claw my legs off from them itching so badly! If this means they are healing like everyone tells me then I will gladly itch for a few weeks!

I go back to the doctor on Friday morning and I am anxiously waiting for him to tell me that I can start jogging a little and getting back on my road to training! If all goes as planned, a few of my friends and I will be traveling to Orange Beach on Memorial Day weekend to participate in The Color Run. (I was previously registered for the one in Nashville that took place this past weekend and was not able to do it...) How much fun is this going to be for my first official run back since the procedure?!?! With almost 2 months to prepare, I think I will make it!

This morning I read a little quote that I found very fitting for my situation… “Don’t be afraid to give up the good and go for the great.” I could have very easily said no, I don’t want to have this done and give up on running. Running is still very new to me, but it has given me so much in a very short amount of time that I can't imagine giving up so early in the game. I have BIG… BIG dreams, people and I am going for Great.  I hope that somehow little old me can inspire you to go for Great as well.  Until next time… XOXO! 


  1. Oh.My.Gosh! Love this!
    Great blog here so excited to follow along!
    Your newest fan,

  2. You need to update us! Did the doctor release you to run and do the Color Run?!?! Hope so!! Glad you are recovering so well, Tamra.