Sunday, March 24, 2013

One Step at a Time

What a great week of recovery this has been; So much progress has been made! I started driving again, went back to work, I got to take an actual shower and got to hang out with some of my fabulous friends!

Driving proved to be a little tough, only because I hadn't used my leg muscles in over a week. Pushing the pedal wasn't hard at all but the next morning, I could feel the burn! (This only lasted a few days though.. so no worries!) Work was work; and I felt like I had been hit with an 18 wheeler Monday afternoon. Even though I kept my feet and legs elevated while I was at my desk my legs and ankles were extremely swollen and really bad bruises popped up.

Friday morning I visited Dr. Davis again and he removed the stitches and the steri-strips. My legs already feel so much better! He cleared me to take a shower and the new steri-strips they put on should stay on a few more days. He told me I am progressing so well that maybe when I come back in two weeks I can start jogging!!!!! (YIPPPPPEY!!!! I was over the moon about this!) Since the weather has been a little nicer I have seen more runners than I did in the past year. Ok, maybe not all of last year but it has certainly felt like it!

Warning for all of the squeamish: You may want to skip down to the bottom. I am about to share my progress in photos!


So after work on Monday I thought my legs are never going to be pretty again, this is terrible, etc., etc. Then after my doctor visit on Friday I felt a little better... These strips should come off soon and then we can work on the marker stain!

So to celebrate my wonderful week I spent my Saturday night with some great friends, delicious sushi, and cards!! I absolutely can't wait to get back to running and reaching more goals!