Wednesday, April 17, 2013

H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

WOW.. What a crazy two weeks it has been! My last update I was looking forward to seeing the doctor and my release to run. I was having some issues with wanting to claw my legs off but other than that, things were just peachy! 

Two days before my doctor's appointment "the itchy" spread from my incisions to my thighs, my abdomen, and then to my chest and back. I thought I was going to die from itching. It felt like a bad sun burn with fire ants biting me on top of that; I was absolutely miserable. So the trip to the doctor wasn't what I had envisioned it to be. Instead of a pat on the back and a "Go get 'em!" from the doctor, I got meds and a "We'll see you again on Monday." Talk about heart-break. I was devastated. They think I had an allergic reaction to the steri-strips that were taped to my incisions.. no more steri-strips for me!

So I took my medicine and the itching went away. I got a thumbs up on Monday for "the itchy" going away and a "We'll see you again in a few weeks." about jogging and starting to train again. A little more heart-break but I am pretty used to that at this point. So, Wednesday morning rolls around and I wake up with "the itchy" everywhere but my legs, a swollen and splotchy face, and I was MISERABLE. On this particular Wednesday I HAVE to go to work because I have to get a new badge made, of course. (This picture will not be distributed or shown to anyone unless you have to see it for work. It is TERRIBLE; like worse than the 3rd grade bowl cut pictures.) After the new TERRIBLE badge was made, I left work and headed to the doctor. This doctor gave me two shots and more meds because I had an over load of anti-histamines in my system. After a 6 hour steroid shot induced coma.. I felt a wee bit better.

At this point all I wanted to say was "you've got to be kidding me. I get the weird RARE leg syndrome & have surgery, then I'm technically allergic to a band-aid, and now I have too many anti-histamines in my system?!?!" I honestly wondered what would happen next, and then I found out. My permanent retainer in my mouth broke, and there was nothing else to do but laugh. This was a quick lesson in learning to NOT ask what is next! 

So after things settled down a bit, I am getting into a better routine. I have been walking 30 minutes a day and doing some ab and arm workouts. My legs feel like they are getting a little stronger and I actually wore a pair of heels to work yesterday! Things are definitely looking up for me and I can't wait to start running again! Today marks the 2 month point that I haven't been able to run and I miss it so terribly bad! I did register for the Color Run in May, so hopefully I will be able to make it. I know it will not be a record setting race for me, but just being back out there with my friends will feel like I won the lottery!

In going through all of this the past few months and doing a lot of complaining and having a bunch of pity parties, I seriously got knocked back into my place on Monday. The Boston Marathon is something that many people live for. They dream it, it's a check off their bucket list, and for many it was an annual event they strive to accomplish. April 15, 2013 will always be remembered by the World, especially the running community. That day was supposed to be an amazing celebration and time of achievement for the runners and their families. Knowing how I have felt through a simple surgery and recovery period is nothing compared to those who lost limbs, dreams, and family members who were in the audience cheering them on. America is becoming a very scary place and it's a shame that the joy of accomplishing a MAJOR feat in life can't even be enjoyed anymore. My heart goes out to everyone involved, especially those who won't be able to get back out there and run. Keep Boston and those involved in your prayers. Until next time.... XOXO

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