Thursday, October 20, 2016

Master Bedroom Re-Vamp

It’s been 11 short months since we’ve been a married couple… and you know what that means. We’ve been living in a bachelor pad with “Tamra” accents all over the place for 11 months. We... or should I say I… decided it was time to start re-vamping the bachelor pad to our family home. First project: MASTER BEDROOM!

Here is what the bedroom looked like before:

I already loved the bedroom paint color and the curtains along with our DIY Curtain Rod were both just added in last year. So I based my color scheme from the walls and curtains, added in some white accents and we only had to make minimal changes to create the look and feel I envisioned! I wanted the bedroom to be very calm, clean, and cozy.

To boost the cozy factor, I changed out the rug to this LUSH cream and tan printed one. Y’all. This rug is the bomb. The night I mopped the floors and we laid it out, we both just hung out in the floor on our new rug with Gypsy. We laughed so hard because we hardly ever hang out in the floor, so I wished I had purchased this a lot sooner! I’m telling y’all… it is so COZY! Slumber party/Rug Camp out coming soon!

I also wanted to brighten this space up. The bedroom is large but the darker wall color and darker lamp shades made it feel small and a lot darker than it really is. This is nothing a few mirrors can’t fix! I’ve been lusting over the fancy bedrooms on Pinterest with mirrors over the nightstands for ages… and I am so excited that a little dream of mine finally came true! Insert pretty beveled edge mirrors over nightstands… and #swoon.

The lamps were an earlier DIY project that I did and I forgot to take step by step pictures but I found the directions from a Pinterest link here.  The lamp bases are super special to me because they came from my Nana & Papa’s house. I did get permission to paint them and I am ecstatic as to how well they turned out. I picked up the new lamp shades at Lowe’s and just like that we have new mercury glass “looking” lamps! Here is the "before" of the fabulous brass lamps:

I cleaned off the top of the gun safe…. How do you disguise a green gun safe in a bedroom? Please, leave your suggestions below! I am saying a daily prayer that one day this will find a new home… but since I can’t move it by myself it will have to stay put for now. I also cleaned out the clutter in the corner and added a new floor lamp and this fabulous chair that was a wedding gift from a dear friend of mine! I think this will be a cozy little reading nook!

I couldn't find the same lamp or curtains but similar items are linked above. 

I said the deer heads/antlers were going to be leaving… but I felt like the room could keep a little of the masculinity, so they are still up there for now!

The last thing I incorporated was a white duvet cover and some oatmeal euro shams and throw pillows. Do y’all know how hard it is to find a white duvet after Labor Day? Whew… I was so glad I found this gorgeous duvet cover on clearance at Bed, Bath, and Beyond! I really feel like this completed the clean and cozy look I was going for! We are LOVING our new bedroom!

Re-Vamped Bedroom:

I hope y’all love the Master Bedroom transformation as much as we do. I’m looking forward to our next Re-Vamp project! Until Next Time... XOXO! 

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